Pedicure Reseller Package Tea Tree Oil with 10 Dropper Bottles and Tools

As a pedicure, you often encounter nail fungus in practice. Perhaps the majority of your clients suffer from it to some extent.

The effectiveness of tea tree oil in the treatment of nail fungus with tea tree oil has been scientifically proven. You can find the necessary scientific sources here.

For you as a pedicure, this also offers earning opportunities besides helping your clients!

The regular price of a 10 ml bottle of tea tree oil of traceable quality like "Thursday Plantation" is €8.99.

You can sell fresh and self-tapped tea tree oil for the same amount or rounded to €10. Our supplier is indeed the only party in Australia that can provide "pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil."

Through direct EU import, we can supply Tea Tree Oil of the highest quality at wholesale prices.

Daily application on toenails means that your clients will use a bottle for about 6 weeks, which corresponds to the average visit frequency to a pedicure salon.

Your purchase price per 10 ml when buying:

125ml storage bottle €1.48 per 10 ml

625ml only €0.93 per 10 ml.

A nice steady extra income for you and an organic tool for your clients.

The set consists of 10 dropper bottles of 10ml and pipettes + mini funnels. The dropper bottles can be reused: The complete set costs €14.50.