About us

After discovering the natural power of Tea Tree Oil from our own experience, we searched for the best Tea Tree oil from Australia.

We found this quality at "Blue Dog Agriculture", where they produce the highest possible level of 100% pure tea tree oil.

See www.bluedogag.com

Of all essential oils, Tea Tree Oil is the most powerful with the most applications.

The farm from which we source our oil is the only one in Australia that can call itself a supplier of "pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil" according to the standards there.

We regularly import a new batch from Australia so that our customers always have access to fresh and potent oil.

We protect the larger packages by packaging them in high-quality aluminum bottles. There is no better protection against oxidation.

Tea Tree Oil is an active and unstable substance that oxidizes quickly; exposure to oxygen, light, and heat can cause the oil to form peroxides. These can provoke an allergic reaction or irritation.